Importance of domain name in ranking | Which domain rank speedily?

Importance of Custom Domain in website ranking

Does Your Domain Name Matter for SEO?

Does your domain name matter for SEO? This is a big question for a lot of bloggers who want to get maybe an exact match domain name that is optimized for keywords, so that they can rank in Google a little bit easier.
In this article we are going to talk about use of exact match domain whether you should use keyword in your domain name or not or it matters at all.
Does Your Domain Name Matter for SEO?
Does domain name play an important role in website ranking?
Let’s talk a little bit about domain names for SEO. You know ten years ago it was beneficial to get an exact match domain name for whatever type of topic you were interested in. If you were gonna write a blog about weight loss for moms if you had the domain name you would potentially rank really well for that keyword. It was because Google was looking at your domain name and saying wow this website is exactly about weight loss for moms so I’m gonna push it up to the top. A lot of people started to abuse that and so Google in 2012 came out with an exact match domain update where they’re actually penalizing sites who don’t have rich content around their domain name so if you do decide to go for an exact match domain name you better have a really really good content on your website. If you don’t Google is going to penalize your site and you’re not going to show up in the search results.
With a new algorithm update domain names for SEO is not as important as it used to be like I said so is what I’m telling a lot of bloggers who are getting started with our blogs is don’t worry about your domain name.

Importance of Custom Domain in website ranking

It is very important to have a custom domain for the ranking of the website because there it takes a lot of time to rank when you use a subdomain, but with a custom domain, you create your own unique identity and the chances of getting ranked are high.
It takes time to create a unique identity in the subdomain, as well as ranking is not available quickly. You have to remember your target in custom domain. Dot COM extension is very popular, if you want to focus website only in particular country then Country Domain will be good for you. You can also take .org .net .edu .xyz domain.
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Best Tips Before You Buy a Domain Name for Your Business or a Blog

If you are starting a business website or a professional blog, you should choose a domain name that represents a brand name that is memorable and easy to read and pronounce. You can try to add keywords in your domain name but try to find a short domain name. If your target is a particular country for example india or canada then you can go for it .in our .ca country domain. If your target is United States or international then go for it .com, .net, .org, .co etc. You can also take the help of domain name generator tools like NameBoy, DomainWheel, Shopify and others. last but most important thing find out if the domain is clean by checking the history of the domain through wayback machine.

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