What is Android Root – Benefits & Disadvantages

What is Android Root - Benefits & Disadvantages

What is Root System in Android Devices?

First of all I would like to tell you what is Android root?
Friends root means to give super power to your phone. Try to delete the pre installed and inbuilt apps in your mobile phone, they will not be deleted. When you root your phone, your mobile phone gets super power which deletes pre installed apps and inbuilt apps. Rooting a mobile phone can make your mobile more vulnerable to damage.

Benefits of Rooting Android Mobile

  • You can delete pre installed apps.
  • You can manage the settings of your mobile as per your choice.
  • You can increase the Android version of your phone with a custom ROM.
  • You can record your mobile screen.
  • You can apply custom fonts and themes to your mobile phone.

Disadvantages of Rooting Android Mobile

  • You lose your mobile warranty.
  • Rooting damages the security of the phone.
  • Your mobile phone may be bricked, that is, your device becomes completely defective, then no one can.
  • Battery backup gets hurt and may stop working soon.
  • Mobile phone temperature rises.
How to Root Android Mobile?

How to Root Android Mobile?

Before rooting mobile, there are some things which are very important to keep in mind. When you are going to root your mobile, then your mobile should be full charge. Make a full backup of mobile. Simcard and memory from mobile The card should be removed. During rooting, all the steps should be done properly. If you do any mistake during rooting then it can also lead to mobile dead. Rooting the mobile under the supervision of a technical expert It is better. If any of your friends have information about rooting, then you must take his help.

Android Rooting Apps

Below are the easy ways to root the mobile: 
King Root App :- You can easily root your mobile by using King Root App. You will find it on Google Play Store.
Magisk App :- You can also root your android mobile using this app.
Root Checker App :- With this app, you can see whether your mobile phone is rooted or not.

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