Detect wordpress Theme of a website using Theme Detectors

Detect wordpress Theme of a website using Theme Detectors

How to Detect WordPress Theme of a Website

To detect WordPress theme you should follow the below instructions. WordPress themes are popularly used by websites today and many bloggers choose wordpress as best option for blogging. There are many themes available which are provided by the premium developers. Daily I surf many websites and many of them are wordpress and if I like theme I used to check the theme using theme detector and also using other option. So like me if you also want to check the themes of the wordpress sites which you have visited so you should follow the above methods to detect the wordpress themes. 

Detecting the theme of a WordPress website by viewing the source code

We may have an idea of viewing the source codes of websites. If you won’t know about this just visit any website and just hold the ctrl+U keys in the keyboards. And hold ctrl+U from the keyboard and type wp-content/themes, then you can view the theme name in the section of this is the good method and also fastest method but many of the website hide this method.  

Detecting the theme of a WordPress website by using WP Theme Detector

Wordpress Theme Detector

By this method you can view the premium theme of the wordpress sites even though they are hided by the website owners. Just type the website URL in the box provided in this website and the detector will take some time and within seconds you can able to know the theme of any wordpress website. Not only theme but also you can view the premium plug-ins used by those sites. Not only knowing theme you can also have link to the website so if you want to know they are redirected to the premium theme developer sites. 

With the above methods you cannot find the custom theme developed by the developers but if they have own market in wordpress themes and if they are able to buy, so you able to find those themes but you cannot detect custom themes by this methods. There are other methods also available to detect the wordpress theme like this chrome extension helps you to detect the wordpress theme. 

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