Play Youtube,Vimeo and other online videos in VLC media player

VLC (Video LAN Client) is the media player which supports WMV, Mpeg, Divx; MKV etc are the codec which are supported by the vlc media player. The most of the internet users are like to play their videos using this vlc media player because of the clarity provide by the vlc media player the every user want to play the movies or songs in vlc media player.  I have also made the video about the trick so you can follow the video below in the post.

How to Play Youtube,Vimeo and other online videos in VLC media player

Follow the below instructions to play the videos in vlc media player:

  1. First open YouTube
  2. Type the name of the song or video you want to play it in vlc.
  3. After that click the video
  4. Copy the URL link from the address bar
  5. Now close or stop the video in the YouTube
  6. Open VLC -> Press CTRL+N from the keyboard
  7. And past it in the bar and click play the video
  8. Now you can successfully view the video without any disturbances.

Follow the above instructions to play the vimeo and other online videos also I hope you got it my point. Just paste the URL of the video if you want to play the video from any online site or YouTube or vimeo.

Play youtube videos in vlc media player

How VLC plays the videos?

VLC uses the perfect method of tracking the videos using link provided. By entering the link it using the network to search and within seconds the VLC tracks the video and plays within seconds. You can watch any video file I mean if the size is more or less you can watch any file I never tried live video if it is played or not but I think those live videos are also played using VLC media player.

Below is the video demonstration about how to play online videos using url in VLC media player.

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