What is PublicVibe App? Country of origin, CEO Name

What is PublicVibe App

Dear readers, you must have heard the name of PublicVibe App. It is a mobile application and website with the help of which we can not only watch the news sitting at home but also keep up with the news of our area, Weather, horoscope, local helpline numbers, fuel and mandi prices etc. But do you know? Who is the owner of PublicVibe? Which country’s app is this from? If you do not know about this, then there is nothing to worry because today in this article we are going to provide you many important information related to PublicVibe App. 

What is PublicVibe App?

This aap was formerly known as Nevasdistil. Well, there is no shortage of News Apps today. Many news apps are already present in the market and many of them are also popular. But in this competition, an app named NewsDistill also joined the year 2015. Users are giving good response to this app for some time now. PublicVibe App has been downloaded more than 5 million times on Google Play Store which is a big deal. This proves how useful this app is to the people.

Who is the owner of PublicVibe App?

The name of the CEO of PublicVibe App is Virendra Gupta. PublicVibe App is developed by DailyHunt.

PublicVibe App: County of origin

PublicVibe App is made in India, its headquarter is in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. PublicVibe has become a fast growing news platform in the present time. PV’s facilities can be availed through both the app and the website. PublicVibe App was initially launched on 27 Aug 2015 on Google Play Store. PublicVibe App is continuously becoming popular among people today due to daily updates on technology, entertainment, job, business, sports, politics, crime. Today this app has become so popular in our country that more than 5 million downloads have been done so far from Google Play Store and the number of its users is also increasing day by day.

Features of PublicVibe App

You will get all these features in PublicVibe App:

👉 Local job listings, classifieds and vacancies in your area
👉 Weather updates, local crime (robberies, theft or accidents), mandi and fuel prices
👉 Religious and sporting events, concerts, important functions
👉 Matrimony services, Buy/ Sell of properties and local services
Apart from the above features, you can also share your voice on this app.
👉 Share your own short videos on interesting topics
👉 Raise your voice on local issues.
👉 Post, share and record your opinions and videos
👉 Upload videos and news updates from your area and get featured on our app with a chance to become a local influencer and gain millions of followers.

Supported Languages

PublicVibe is currently available in three languages – English, Hindi and Telugu. But developers are working to add more languages to this app.


Friends, you have just learned that who is the owner of PublicVibe? Which country’s app is this from? When was the PublicVibe App launched? What are its features? If you want to ask any question about this article then you can comment below and if you liked this article then don’t forget to share it on social media. Through the TechStag website, we try to bring new information to you every day.

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