How to program spectrum remote to TV


Are you tired of having to use several remotes to control your various devices? A remote can be programmed to control many devices.

When it comes to programming remotes for usage in other devices, Spectrum is one of the top choices.

You may programme your Spectrum remote to control both your cable box and your television, eliminating the need for numerous remotes.

The best aspect is that it is a straightforward procedure that takes only a few minutes. A look at how to programme a Spectrum remote is provided below.

If you are one of the fortunate few who has already signed up for Spectrum TV, congratulations! Your binge-watching marathons are about to take a giant leap forward. By providing you with an incredible service that revolves around you, your Spectrum TV subscription allows you to watch anything you want, whenever you want, and anywhere you want—all without being bored!

How Do I Program My Spectrum Remote to Work With My TV?

A user handbook and instructions for programming Spectrum Remote to your TV and other devices will be included. If you do not know your remote’s model number, gently remove the battery cover and look inside for it. You may begin the Spectrum Remote setup after you have recognized it.

How to program spectrum remote to TV

The Spectrum Guide quickly recognizes the make and model of your television and guides you through the Spectrum Remote programming procedure. You can then use simple push instructions to control your TV and audio devices. If, on the other hand, your TV brand is unknown or you want to do everything yourself, you could choose to finish your mission by reading through the Spectrum Remote Setup instructions.

Spectrum Remote 1060BC2/1060BC3 to TV Programming

– Begin by locating the 5-digit programming code for your television. In the table below, you will find the code you are looking for.

– Then, on the remote control, hit the device key that reads “TV” once.

– Then hold down the SETUP key while waiting for the selected mode key to flash twice.

– Then, using the 5-digit code provided in the table above, input the code for your device. You will notice that the chosen mode key blinks twice.

– If the selected mode key blinks for a long time, go back to step 3-5 and input the same code again.

– After that, simply aim the remote control at the television and hit the Power/Play key once. The television should be turned off. If the TV still does not turn off, repeat steps 2–5 until you discover a code that works. If it still does not function, you will need to troubleshoot to fix it.


If you tried everything and the TV still does not respond to the remote, try these troubleshooting solutions to fix the problem.

  • To browse back through the codes and turn on the TV, slowly press and release the CH- key.
  • Press the TV button on your Spectrum remote control once. 
  • After then, hold down the SETUP key and do not let go until the TV key blinks twice. 
  • Then type in the numerals 9 9 1 and let the TV key blink twice more. 
  • After that, press the number one key. Once more, the TV button will blink twice. 
  • Then, with your Spectrum remote control pointing at the TV, push the POWER button once. 
  • After then, keep pressing and releasing the CH key. When the television is turned off, come to a halt. 
  • Now, press the POWER key to turn on the television, and then the SETUP key to save the code.

Spectrum Remote Universal CLIKR-5: UR5U-8780L / 8790L to TV Programming

These Spectrum remotes may be configured using a simple Auto-Search approach that anybody can do. 

Auto-Search Method

  • Turn on the television.
  • For three seconds, press the TV button and the OK/SEL button on your Spectrum remote at the same time. This should turn on the TV LED for 30 seconds.
  • Then, point your remote towards the TV and hit the CH or CH- button one at a time, or hold the button down until the TV turns off. Your remote will then transmit power on/off code signals after you have finished.
  • Then click the POWER button to double-check that you have entered the correct code. Your smartphone will turn back on if you input the right code. Then you may experiment with the volume, mute, and other buttons on your remote. If the buttons aren’t working, go return to step 2 and try again.
  • Then, to lock the code, hit the TV button. If everything is done correctly, the device’s LED will blink twice to alert you.

If your remote is still not linked to your TV after using the Auto-Search technique, you may use the Quick Set-up Method or the Manual Method to configure your Spectrum Remote.

Quick Setup Method

  • Turn on the television.
  • Look up the Quick Set-up Code tables in the remote handbook and press the TV and YELLOW (A) or BLUE (B) buttons, depending on the manufacturer of your TV. The TV button LED will turn on for 30 seconds because of this.
  • After the LED has been switched on, point the remote at the TV and input the 1-digit code that corresponds to your TV’s brand. This may be found in the remote manual’s Quick Set-up Code tables. Your television should now turn off. If it does not turn off, keep pressing the same number button until it does. 
  • Note: If your remote immediately exits programming mode and the LED turns off, it most likely means it does not have any matching codes. If you cannot find the proper code (Method is provided below to search proper code), try the 3-digit code the Auto-Search method.
  • After your TV has been turned off, press the TV button again to store the code.

Manual Method

If your TV brand is not listed in the digital code list, you’ll need to obtain the remote handbook to programme Spectrum Remote using the Manual Method before proceeding with the instructions below:

  • Turn on the television.
  • For three seconds, simultaneously press the TV button and the OK/SEL buttons on your remote. The TV LED will then illuminate for 30 seconds, indicating that it is ready to be programmed.
  • Now, point your remote to your TV and dial the number assigned to your television manufacturer. Start by attempting one code at a time until your device turns off if there are several codes for your TV brand. However, before entering each code, you should wait one second.
  • Then, to make sure you have picked the correct code, click the POWER button. Your television should now be turned back on. Try switching the channels once the TV is turned on to see whether you were successful in configuring the Spectrum remote.
  • Then, to lock the code, hit the device button. The device’s LED will blink twice to indicate that the code has been entered correctly.

How to configure a Spectrum remote control to control a cable box

The following is a step-by-step tutorial to programming the Spectrum cable box remote:

  • Turn on the television.
  • Hold the Spectrum remote control close enough to the cable box while facing it.
  • On the remote, simultaneously press the “CBL” and “OK/SELL” buttons. Hold them in place for a few seconds until an LED light appears.
  • Your remote is ready to programme once the light is turned on. Enter the necessary codes for your cable box’s brand and model at this stage. Because some brands have numerous codes, you may need to input them several times before you discover the right one (waiting a few seconds after each incorrect code).
  • The cable box will switch off immediately once you input the proper code. When this happens, click the “POWER” button on the remote to test it. The procedure is complete if it turns on.
  • To save the code and complete the procedure, press the “CBL” button once again.

Can’t seem to find your code? Here is what you can do about doing it:

If none of the setup codes for programming the Spectrum remote to your TV worked, or if your TV set’s brand isn’t on the list and you can’t finish the setup, you can look for your code by following the instructions below:

  • Turn on the television.
  • Then press and hold the SETUP button for two seconds or until the LED blinks twice.
  • Press and hold the OK/Enter button after that. 
  • Release the OK/Enter button when the TV turns off. The code has been deactivated.

How to Connect a Spectrum Remote to a Radio Frequency Device

In a few simple steps, you may programme your Spectrum remote to communicate with your receiver through radio frequency. You can use your Spectrum remote even if the receiver is out of sight if you proceed through the Spectrum remote setup this way.

To link your remote and receiver through radio frequency, follow the instructions below:

  • Find and hit the MENU button on the remote.
  • Select SETTINGS & SUPPORT from the menu on the left side of your television.
  • Then choose SUPPORT from the left-hand menu.
  • Select REMOTE CONTROL from the centre tiles now.
  • Then, from among these tiles, select RF PAIR NEW REMOTE.
  • Also, adhere to the directions displayed on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

In my Spectrum TV remote, what kind of batteries should I use?

In most cases, AA batteries are utilized in the remote. Alkaline batteries are preferable to Heavy Duty batteries since they have a longer lasting life.

Why isn’t my TV being controlled correctly by my remote?

Make sure the remote is pointing at your TV in the correct direction, free of obstacles. The batteries must not be depleted, and the remote must be correctly configured. You can try programming your TV’s remote again.

When I hit any key on my remote, why does the LED flicker numerous times?

If your LED blinks five times, it means you have ran out of batteries. As a result, you will need to replace any low or dead batteries.

What is the best way to preset the volume on my Spectrum remote?
  1. For 3 seconds, simultaneously press the CBL and OK/SEL buttons on your remote. The LED will turn on for 30 seconds.
  2. Press the VOL button while the LED is on.
  3. Press the CBL button now.
  4. To return to TV Volume Control, follow the instructions above and then hit TV in step 2.
How do I use the Spectrum DVR remote?

To record your favourite shows, use the REC button on your Spectrum remote. To see all the listings, press the DVR button on your Spectrum remote.

How do I switch on the TV using the Spectrum remote?

On your Spectrum remote, Press the POWER button to turn on the TV.

What is the best way to utilize the Spectrum remote as a universal remote?

Your TV, audio gadgets, and Blu-Ray player may all be controlled with Universal CLIKR-5.


Subscribing to a Spectrum package or plan might be one of the finest decisions you ever make when it comes to a smooth TV connection. There is no end to the endless amusement you may now partake in as much as you desire. You will never run out of channel selections or diversity with Spectrum’s enormous channel lineup, which covers virtually every kind of entertainment. You are ready to start your thrilling adventure as you discover the world of limitless entertainment that Spectrum TV provides to you once you’ve programmed the Spectrum remote with your TV in no time by following the aforementioned detailed tutorial! 

You may transform your Spectrum remote into a “universal” remote control for all your devices by following the steps above. There will be no need to use numerous remote controls. All of your devices may be controlled from a single location. 

If you are still having problems, go to your nearest Spectrum Service Center to swap your remote or contact the Spectrum Team to help you fix the problem.

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