How to Save Battery on an Android SmartPhone?

How to Save Battery on an Android SmartPhone?
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Android Battery Saving Methods

We’ll show you how to extend the battery life of an Android handset in this article. Android is rapidly expanding in terms of services and apps – all of which consume a lot of battery – and it’s getting increasingly difficult to maintain an Android smartphone battery life that lasts all day.

Less Apps Less Battery Consumption

The fewer apps you have on your Android phone, the more battery life you can get out of it. This is most likely the most effective approach to conserve a lot of battery life. Remove all useless apps you’ve installed but haven’t used since you first installed them.

Installing Battery Saving Apps

These battery-saving apps offer profiles or settings that allow you to toggle Wi-Fi, GPS, Mobile data, and Sync, among other things. They turn on and off such items that drain the battery automatically. These battery-saving apps are readily available on the Google Play Store.

Use task killing apps on your android

Some task killers are automatic, while others are manual. You can even configure task kills on a regular basis. The more memory you have, the faster and more responsive your gadget will be, as well as the longer your battery will last.

Select Low Speed Network Mode

Select Low speed Network exclusively in Network mode in Settings/Wireless and networks/Mobile networks/Network mode. These settings would help extend battery life.

Enable Sync or Uploading Only Through Wi-Fi

Only utilise Wi-Fi to sync files or download huge files because these processes will take less time and hence consume less battery power.

Battery Saving Tricks for Android

Here are other parts that you should keep in mind to save the battery.

  1. Disable Wi-Fi when not needed
  2. Disable GPS when not needed
  3. Disable Mobile data when not needed
  4. Delete Unnecessary Widgets
  5. Use Lower Brightness and Screen Timeout
  6. The most important thing is Keep Your Device Cool.

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