How to know if someone is lying in a text message

Millions of text messages are sent and received every minute. You will see people hunched onto their phones, texting ferociously, even falling into potholes in the process or crashing into vehicles and poles. Since so much communication is happening via text messages, these messages have their own dynamics, and if you want to know whether someone is lying, according to this CNet article, you can find that out.

The problem with text messages is, as it is with every form of communication when the other person cannot directly see you, that it is very easy to lie. According to Tom Meserve, BYU Professor of Information Systems:

Unfortunately, humans are terrible at detecting deception. We’re creating methods to correct that. Humans can detect lies about 54 percent of the time accurately – not much better than a coin flip. It’s even harder to tell when someone is lying through a digital message because you can’t hear a voice or see an expression.

So how do you know if someone is lying in a text message? They say that the messages are unnecessarily longer and they take a longer time to come. You can find such examples even in the real world situations: people use unnecessary words when they’re trying to convince you. Even the flow of their verbal communication is stunted because they constantly have to think and process lots of information before speaking. The same thing happens with a text message.

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