How to Make a new friend in 5 minutes

how to Make a new friend in 5 minutes

For some people making a new friend can be one of the biggest challenges of life, and for some, it just happens. Don’t you wonder why some people can so easily make new friends and have such a wide social circle, and some find it hard to make even one friend? Some people are so popular, and some people are loners? Of course, some people can be loners by choice and there is absolutely nothing wrong in that, but what if you do want to make friends and still you find it very hard to approach new people?

Well, this blog post talks about How to Make a new friend in 5 minutes, but using the very same technique, you can also strike up lasting friendships. The author uses a nice example of seeing a cube in a desert. There is also a ladder, a horse, a few flowers, and then a storm. The manner in which you interpret these things shows how you see yourself and how you see others vis-a-vis your own existence.

  • Are you a grounded person?
  • Are you unsure or are you so confident that you float in the sky?
  • Are you dependable?
  • Can people lean on you?
  • Do you instil confidence?
  • How do you treat special people in your life?
  • How do you deal with kids?

These may seem very silly questions and totally unrelated, but they are not. If you sit somewhere quietly and think about these questions, they may help you know yourself. They will tell you whether you can be a friend or not. If you can find an answer, you can have peace with yourself. If you know that you are dependable and people can rely on you and you are trustworthy, then you deserve to have friends, and when you believe that you deserve to have friends, you are more confident and you can easily approach people. Everything in this world is interrelated.

I hope you enjoy knowing how to make a new friend in 5 minutes

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