How Illusion Work? The Power Of Illusion


I will show you the science of cells. actually how the cells work and you will have the more knowledge than most of the doctors in the world today because they still believe in the gene.

How Illusion Work? The Power Of Illusion

Human Cell Structure

You are made out of 50 trillion cells and the cells are the living entities. So you are a community not a single person every cell in your body has a minus voltage outside and positive voltage inside. Every living cell is a battery every cell has about 1 point 4 volts. 50 trillion cells in the body times 1.4 volts is 700 trillion volts of electricity in the body Right now and with training and meditation you can focus this energy called ‘CHI’ and you can use that energy for healing. And so while you see yourself as a physical entity.

Energy Wave

The new physics say you are energy wave interacting with each other right now. All animals and plants communicate with vibration The gazelle doesn’t have to go up to the lion and say Are you my friend?” Because at the distance energy can be felt and the gazelle will not go to their because of bad vibes. If if we were Taught to be sensitive to the vibrations, We would not find ourself in a bad situation or condition.

But we are usually Told not to go by your feelings, but listen to what people say. “Language was designed to hide the feeling.” The point is that all organism communicate with Vibration And know if they are in a good place or bad place by reading vibration.

The humans have that ability, but are not trained to use that ability. We see each other as physical particle but that’s not an illusion.

Because what we are interacting wave, that’s why one person can affect another person just by being in the field and today’s physics study the vibration not the physical entities. In quantum physics we study the vibration not the particle. And how the wave Interfere. All the wave together is called as the field that is connected to everything because you cannot speparate wave. 

There is a technology called “MAGNETO ENCEPHLOGRAPHY” (MEG) in which we put the wire on skin and read the brain activity in MEG. The probe does not even touch the head you can read your brain activity outside your brain. It’s not magic. Your thoughts are not contained in your head.

Harmonic Resonance

People know that if you hit right frequency, you can cause a crystal goblet to explode. It’s a called harmonic resonance or constructive interference.

Imagine you are like a tuning fork with your brain and you are broadcasting frequency of your thoughts. Which goblet is going to be respond to your thoughts. The one that is harmonically resonate with your thoughts. So when you are having thoughts you were exciting and activating those thing in the world that are connected to your thoughts.

While It work for individual , it is very powerful when the whole group of people have to have the same thoughts. You cannot make a war unless enough people are ready to make a war.

So when you look at yourself, you are not a single entities, but you are community of 50 trillion cells every cell is intelligent, but when they are in community, they give up their personal Intelligence and respond to The central voice so that the community represent a them one thing is called organism and in that Community a cell must follow what the centeral voice is speaking. And if the central voice says to die the cells will die. So the central voice is the mind and I will be talking about the nature of the two parts of mind and why we have trouble sometimes controlling our life. So what I would like about is the pole how this might work.

Functioning of Brain

There are signal from the internal and external environment. The function of the brain is to receive the signal. And the interpret those signals and then send the information to the cells and control the behavior of and the genetics. So the function of the  brain is perception and from that it create the mind.

Placebo Effect

We have heared about placebo effect. The placebo effect is when you have very positive thought that can heal you even if you don’t know it. Even a sugar pill can heal you if you believe it’s a real medicine. So the pill didn’t heal you it was a thought that healed you. Statistics reveals that one-third of all medical healings including surgery are the result of the placebo effect .

Nocebo Effect

The issue is that Placebo effect is positive thinking. Then what about negative thinking and this is what medicine does not tell you. There is negative thinking and it’s called the nocebo effect. And have the same power as placebo effect. If the positive thinking can heal you negative thinking can kill you. They both are the same one is more positive one is more negative, but the effect are exactly same on your health .


So if we were growing up and program with strong beliefs, we would be more powerful that we are now. So always think postively and stay happy.

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