Best Hosting For WordPress : Convesio [Review]

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

WordPress makes it easy even for an amateur to own a website without coding. The software is sophisticated, with unlimited features for an individual and a community. Features on WordPress include marketplaces, plug-ins, themes, templates, and other website creating tools. For a WordPress website to be up and running, it needs a hosting service.

Best Hosting For WordPress : Convesio [Review]

Installing a compatible hosting service is essential to keep a website on speed, responsiveness, security, display, and many other features. The advantage of getting a good host is the daily backups, updates, running time, technical aspect, and flexibility of your website. Good hosting will give your WordPress website a competitive edge.

Hosting service providers are saturated on the web, making it challenging to get the best for WordPress. All have their unique features and pitfalls, benefits and losses, etc. This post is compiled to elaborate on a famous hosting service provider, Convesio.  

Conversio is ranked among the elite of hosting service providers. The company introduces unique features to stand out from the rest providers. Some features of Convesio include auto-scaling and self-healing, which are peculiar to the software. You can be assured of security, speed, and scalability in Convesio. The hosting provider allows the operations on redundant files, database clusters, and balancers.

The company was built in 2018 by the founder/CEO Tom Fanelli. The inventor has over 20 years of experience, worked for more than 500 companies, annotated Convesio as the best hosting service for WordPress users.

What are the Benefits of WordPress Hosting?

WordPress controls more than 30% of open-source content management system (CMS) websites on the internet. But hosting is the challenging aspect of the whole website launching. Most people are stuck between ripping the benefits from an expensive host and paying for cheaper services. However, services rendered by Convesio are reliable and robust in maintaining the function of your website 247 with no errors.

Benefits of having WordPress Convesio

WordPress Website Performance

The traffic and conversion of leads on your WordPress website are controlled by the performance and run time. You can expect a revisit if your website functions are as expected by the client and attract more visitors. A few tricks need to be carried out on your website to get leads.

The most important trick is to avoid slow websites. A slow website leads to low traffic because no user wants to spend time watching the screen. However, this problem can be overcome by a combination of updated hardware like SSDs and HDDs. This combination will create a stable network infrastructure encouraging uninterrupted connections and avoiding redundancies.

WordPress Website Security

Security is among the website’s priorities. You don’t want your WordPress data or website stolen on the web. There have been reports of data branches, DDoS, data leaks, malware on the internet, discouraging many clients and visitors to your brand. When installing a hosting service, ensure the provider is well secured with out-of-the-world data protection against hackers, viruses, and malware.

Convesio is integrated to report possible attacks while making new adjustments to fight the breach. The software can protect your ordPress website and visitors from any malicious attack.

WordPress Data Backups

Convesio conducts a regular backup to protect WordPress data. This regular backup reduces the case of missing information. For capable state-of-the-art hosting software, this feature is relevant. The feature keeps your information in case of thieves, corrupt files, or drive crashes.

WordPress Customer Support

Reliable customer support is needed to fix immediate problems. Convesio customer providers are 247 ready to fix any WordPress issue. The software has a live support session for quick and visual solutions. WordPress Convesio has a system devised for optimal performance and flexible hosting solutions.

The installation process is easy and completed in a few minutes. The software allows users to 

customize balancers, redundant file systems, and a database cluster on their WordPress website.

How To Create a WordPress Website On Convesio

Step 1: Sign up for the WordPress site

Head to the Convesio page and register. You can start a free trial to get the simple steps on using convesio. The free trial requires no credit card information or fees.

You can start building your site as soon as the Convesio dashboard appears. Choose a new site and begin to work on it.

Locate the “set advanced options.”

Choose the updated PHP version, location, database type, WordPress version, and web server type.

Click on deploy and wait for some minutes for the program to install

Then click manage to view all four options. On the site dashboard, log in to WordPress admin, view your site, title the site, and you can choose to remove the website.

Step 2: Install your domain, SSL, and caching

This step displays the traffic flow to your site, disk usage, page speed, performance, leads, and many other things. However, your site will require an IP address to place it among WordPress Convesio websites with domains. 

All these integrated features are to solve technical problems faced by many hosting service providers on the web. And you can seek the assistance of WordPress customer services if you can’t locate a feature.

How To Set Up Auto-Scaling in Convesio

Installing an auto-scaling tool on WordPress Convesio will take a few steps and a couple of minutes.

Pick the Best Plan

The software comes with different plans with unique features attached. The recent update has a myriad of tools and databases which can be configured to suit a specific need. You can get stable scalability on each plan, but use the plan that suits the requirements of your site.

Turn On Auto-Scaling

The auto-scale icon is on the Convesio dashboard. Enable and adjust the Auto Scaling Expandability Range to your satisfaction.

WordPress Containers Section

You can view all active tasks on the WordPress Scale Service dashboard. You can also see active and inactive or canceled tasks on the overview page.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Image testing on WordPress Convesio has a 99 impressive score. You can test this with a feature or 140 KB image on the site.

CDN Performance Test

The software has the CDN performance Test feature to test your site’s performance. The feature calculates the highest-performing section against the lowest-performing sections and concludes on the average performance of your WordPress site.

Test Your Website’s Performance

As aforementioned, your website performance can be tested using WordPress Convesio. The software uses a Docker container to run tests and predict your website’s performance in attracting visitors. You can run a test with a single container or two or more containers. Yet, the test time remains above 100 ms request per second (RPS) for all tests.

Convesio: Next Generation Hosting for WordPress

Best hosting for WordPress Convesio has state-of-the-art features that take over the hosting market. WordPress Convesio has advertisement features as well as peculiar features and solutions that make the company the talk of the town. The software has automated updates, speed, reliable service, high performance, and free domain registration.

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