How to drive traffic from Pinterest to your website?

How to drive traffic from Pinterest to your website?

Pinterest is the fastest growing social networking website these days and although it is primarily used for hosting image collages, surprisingly websites are getting more traffic from Pinterest than Facebook, and in many cases, even Google.

Every new medium takes some time to understand. You need to know the nuances of its users and post content accordingly, in this case, images.

A great thing about Pinterest is when you pin images to various boards the URLs of these images point to the original source. Of course for this you need to have a button on your website that enables people to pin images present on your page or blog post onto their boards. They can also have a browser plug-in that doesn’t require you to exclusively have a “Pin It” button on your website, but if you’re having buttons for various social networking and social media websites, then why not this also?

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So how to get more traffic from Pinterest?

If you haven’t been dealing with images so far, you will need to start doing that. Have lots of interesting photographs and images on your webpages and blog posts so that people can pin them onto their boards. The images should be relevant to the theme of the content present on the link. They should also be well-defined so that people can easily pin them on their appropriate boards and assign them the right tags so they become easier to find.

Remember that more pins means more traffic so you have to create content in such a fashion that people are encouraged and motivated to pin your images. Here are a few things you can do:

Create original images for people to pin

More than 75% of the content posted on Pinterest is repins. That is, there is a big dearth of original images to post. This also means that original images have a greater chance of attracting people not only just on your website but also on Pinterest.

Creating original images is not as difficult as it may seem initially. These days infographics are in great demand as they are easy to grasp and go through. Many infographics are regularly posted on Pinterest. Can you create your industry-specific infographic that people would find interesting and useful? Would they like to share it with their own friends and followers? If yes, it is certainly worth your while to invest some time in creating the infographic and posting it on your website.

Create useful content

Actually useful content anyways gets you more traffic from search engines as well as other social networking websites, but aside from that it also encourages people to share your images through Pinterest in case they are aggregating high-value content.

Create teaser graphics

Such graphics don’t reveal everything but create lots of interest. Teaser graphics encourage people to click the image and go to the original link, that is, your link.

Trending topics get pinned more

Call it mass mania but people tend to pin those images more whose associated content is at the moment trending. You will need to be innovative about how to associate the ongoing trending topic to your own business and create or use graphics accordingly.

Pin other people’s stuff

This will send them notifications, they will visit your boards and start following you, and hence, start clicking your images.

While trying to generate more traffic from Pinterest keep in mind that you don’t have to follow the herd. Create a presence that justifies itself. Remember that it is a visual medium and it needs to be interesting as well as relevant. Creating needless graphics just so that people have something to pin isn’t going to solve any purpose.

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