How to Bring Back YouTube Dislikes?

Bring Back YouTube Dislikes

YouTube recently hid the number of dislikes for YouTube videos. In a blog post from November, YouTube announced that this was done “to help better protect our creators from harassment and reduce unwanted attacks.” The dislike button hasn’t disappeared, but the dislike count has been made private so that only video creators can see them.

Bring Back YouTube dislikes extension

Bring Back YouTube dislikes extension

Install this Chrome extension if you want to bring back the number of dislikes next to the “Dislikes” button. Unfortunately, YouTube has removed the ability to get the number of dislikes from the API, so the extension uses the stored data and the number of dislikes from extension users. The extension includes “like/dislike data of 200+ million videos stored as of December 13, 2021”. This means that the number of dislikes displayed by the extension may be inaccurate, but it is still better than the information.

What is Return YouTube Dislike Extension?

Return YouTube Dislike Extension

After the new YouTube update, you can’t see the dislike count of publicly available videos on youtube. But Return YouTube Dislike qualifies to view dislikes on YouTube.

Extension Name Return YouTube Dislike
Size 109 Kb
Data From December 13th, 2021
Total Users 2,000,000+
Language Support English, German, French, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brasil), Czech, Russian, Japanese
Version 3.0

How to View YouTube Dislike Count again?

To View the dislikes of any youtube video simply follow these steps:

  1. Install Return YouTube Dislike Extension on your Chrome Browser.
  2. In the browser, open the video whose dislikes count you want to see.
  3. Now Launch YouTube dislikes extension.


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