What is Introversion? How to use introversion as a strength

Introversion is normally thought of as a negative behavioral attribute. It is a general perception that introvert people find it very hard to strike up conversations, express themselves, and move ahead in life. But just as any disadvantage can be used to your advantage, you can also use your introversion as a strength, according to this Lifehacker blog post.

What is introversion

You first of all need to understand what introversion is and how it is different from lack of confidence. Introvert people are more inward focused rather than outward focused. They like to keep it to themselves. In order to feel good or important they don’t need to express themselves or interact with other individuals. If you are an introvert person

  • You are very sensitive about your space
  • You are very thoughtful
  • You are interested in self knowledge and self understanding
  • You are not very emotionally expressive, outwardly
  • You are more comfortable around people you know well
  • You are very observant
  • You are very sensitive about the other’s needs

Contrary to popular misconceptions, introverts are not antisocial. They just don’t like to talk unless they have something really substantial to say.

How to use introversion as an advantage

  • Accept introversion as a normal personality trait: You are not weird if you are an introvert. Just like there are people who like to talk and would like to socialize, there are people who don’t like to talk and don’t want to socialize unless it is important to them. Again, don’t mix up being introvert with lacking in confidence. These two are different things. When you lack confidence, you need to handle your situation from a different angle.
  • Think in terms of giving rather than taking: We are always uncomfortable if you need to approach somebody for the sake of taking. On the other hand, when we gave, we feel more sure of ourselves. As a professional, as well as as an introvert person, whenever you’re preparing your pitch, have the confidence of over-delivering. Make it into a win-win situation. This way it becomes easier to convince people. Also, you know that if that person doesn’t show much interest, he or she is the one to lose.
  • Develop a growth oriented mindset: Due to your introvert nature unless something really stimulates you, you don’t seem very enthusiastic and driven, especially when it involves interacting with other people. Instead of worrying about your “inability” to approach people and talk straightaway, focus on the growth path that you want to follow.

The key here is to consider your introvert attitude just as a behavioral attribute rather than a deficiency. Just treat it as you would treat any other characteristic of your behavior.

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