What is YouTube Shorts? How to Create YouTube Shorts?

What is YouTube Shorts, How to Create YouTube Shorts, Tips to Viral YouTube Shorts, How to viral youtube shorts

YouTube Short feature is available to everyone globally with the YouTube app. In this post you will know What is YouTube Shorts and how to create YouTube Shorts from Mobile.

What is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts is a new feature in the YouTube app that lets you connect with new audiences using just a smartphone and Shorts camera. Or say that after the funeral of Tiktok in India, YouTube has introduced the idea of Moment Marketing.

Name YouTube Shorts
Powered By YouTube
Released in July 2021
Competitors TikTok, Reels, Moj

After the closure of Tiktok in India, big tech companies like YouTube and Facebook also took a new step. YouTube has launched shorts feature in its app and Facebook has launched reels feature in both its apps. At the same time, Indian company sharechat also launched Moj App. So now Indian users have 3 options after Tiktok is banned.

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How to Create YouTube Shorts from Mobile

How to Create YouTube Shorts from Mobile?

Creating a short video on YouTube is very easy. Follow the steps given below to make a short video on YouTube.

  1. Sign in to the YouTube Mobile Application.
  2. In the YouTube app, tap the Create (+) button in the icon bar at the bottom, and then tap “Create A Short“.
  3. If you want to make your YouTube Shorts longer than 15 seconds, press 15 to record up to 60 seconds.
  4. Tap the Capture button to record a clip or to stop the ongoing recording.
  5. Tap “Done” to preview and improve your video.
  6. Tap Next to add a description to your video. From this screen, add a title (up to 100 characters) and select a setting such as video privacy.
  7. Click Upload to publish your YT Shorts Video.

YouTube Shorts provides you with many tools to create videos, the complete details of how to use them are explained in this video.

How to earn money from YouTube Shorts?

Youtube short video creators cannot make money from ads. Instead YouTube has started the YouTube Shorts Fund, a $100M fund for shorts creators. This $100 million amount will not be given to any one youtuber but will be distributed among all the leading shorts video creators. You can also become a partner by making good videos.

Tips to Viral YouTube Shorts

Tips to Viral YouTube Shorts, How to viral youtube shorts

Often people keep asking How to viral youtube shorts, but due to lack of correct information, they keep wandering. We have listed some ways below, by which you can make your YouTube video viral.

Include #shorts in your short video title or description so that the youtube algorithm can recommend your shorts.

Don’t use any type of copyright-protected material in your short video.

You can make videos of 15 to 60 seconds on YouTube shorts but try to make the video as short as possible. Audience retention is maintained on short videos.

Set a category for your channel. Don’t upload anything.

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