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How to Download Mdisk Content and Video


A few years ago, the Indian government had banned a popular website called Pdisk due to piracy. After which Mdisk dominated the market of movie sites and now it is gaining fame among the people.

Mdisk Video Downloader Online Bot

Mdisk Video Downloader is a Telegram bot that lets you watch downloaded videos without MX Player. Follow the steps given below to download videos from Mdisk.

This bot no longer for free. You must buy premium access. The Pricing of Mdisk Links Converter Bot is given below.

Plan Pricing Duration
Plan 1 ₹ 49 1 Month
Plan 2 ₹ 119 3 Month
Plan 3 ₹349 Lifetime

How to Use Mdisk Video Online Converter Bot

Step 1 : Open Telegram App, Search for @mdisk_links_convert_bot and choose first result.

Step 2 : Send A Mdisk Link to this bot.

Step 3 : Now if you are not its premium member then you will be asked to take premium membership.

Step 4 : Pay plan amount UPI : killertoys@apl and Then use /activate command send your screenshot else direct send to @killertoys and within a minint, you be a premium user Either Click on Play Online Or Download As You Want.

Features of Mdisk Video Downloader

These are features of Mdisk Video Downloader:

  • Free HD Mdisk Movies
  • Best Quality Mdisk Movies
  • Mdisk TV Shows
  • Best Quality Mdisk TV Shows
  • Latest Mdisk Movie
  • Latest Mdisk Movie Release
  • Latest Mdisk TV Series
  • Free Mdisk Video Downloader

Variables of Mdisk Telegram Bot

/activate_trial :- To Activate trial.

/start :- To start the bot.

/api :- To Add MDisk api.

/header :- To use Header.

/footer :- To use footer.

/banner :- To add Banner in Photo

/replace_hashtag :- all hashtags replace with your hashtag.

/replace_url :- Telegram URLs replace with your URL.

/replace_imo :- To Replace IMO Channel Links.

/special_text_remove :- To remove special text

/font_bold :- Get Your Final Text In Bold.

/only_links :- Get Only Links and footer.

/bitly :- Convert Final Links To Links

/myid :- Get Your ID.

/auto_forward :- To Start/Check Auto Forward.

/premium :- To Check/Activate Premium.

/activate :- To Activate Premium send a Screenshot.

/qrcode :- To Show QR Code.

/pricing :- To Know Pricing.

/help :- If you need any help.

/delete_me :- To Delete Total Bot Config.

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