How to Earn Money from Blog Writing in India

If you really want to start blog writing in india, I recommend starting with mobile blogging if you don’t have the funds to purchase a laptop or desktop computer. Because Android SmartPhones are now widely available, everyone has one. As a result, there’s no need for you to purchase anything additional. You can use smartphone … Read more

Best Hosting For WordPress : Convesio [Review]

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio WordPress makes it easy even for an amateur to own a website without coding. The software is sophisticated, with unlimited features for an individual and a community. Features on WordPress include marketplaces, plug-ins, themes, templates, and other website creating tools. For a WordPress website to be up and running, it needs … Read more

How to drive traffic from Pinterest to your website?

Pinterest is the fastest growing social networking website these days and although it is primarily used for hosting image collages, surprisingly websites are getting more traffic from Pinterest than Facebook, and in many cases, even Google. Every new medium takes some time to understand. You need to know the nuances of its users and post … Read more

Pardot WordPress Plugin: Detailed Review

Pardot WordPress Plugin Integrating a Pardot plugin with your WordPress will enable your website to reap the potential benefits of Pardot automations. The installation requires no code but offers you the space to customize your forms, create and start automation immediately after building your website. Pardot also allows you to build your website from desired … Read more

How to improve your search engine rankings with Google Trends

Google Trends, according to this Search Engine Watch article, is “one of the best and most versatile tools available for SEO”. How do you use this online tool to improve your search engine rankings? Google Trends, as the name implies, displays the current trends in various web searches. It’s not a keyword suggestion tool, but you … Read more

4 Best platforms to make a blog successful

Best Platforms for bloggers When a new blogger first starts blogging, he always feels that there should be some bloggers in his contacts who already have some blogging experience. That’s why experienced bloggers contact new bloggers and add them to social media. Your blogging network is defined by the number of bloggers in your network. … Read more

Detect wordpress Theme of a website using Theme Detectors

How to Detect WordPress Theme of a Website To detect WordPress theme you should follow the below instructions. WordPress themes are popularly used by websites today and many bloggers choose wordpress as best option for blogging. There are many themes available which are provided by the premium developers. Daily I surf many websites and many … Read more