What is Introversion? How to use introversion as a strength

Introversion is normally thought of as a negative behavioral attribute. It is a general perception that introvert people find it very hard to strike up conversations, express themselves, and move ahead in life. But just as any disadvantage can be used to your advantage, you can also use your introversion as a strength, according to … Read more

How to know if someone is lying in a text message

Millions of text messages are sent and received every minute. You will see people hunched onto their phones, texting ferociously, even falling into potholes in the process or crashing into vehicles and poles. Since so much communication is happening via text messages, these messages have their own dynamics, and if you want to know whether … Read more

How to remain healthier and happier by cultivating self-discipline

We live in the times of “do your own thing if it makes you happy”. Discipline is frowned upon and people often say that as long as you’re doing your work, it doesn’t matter whether you are lax or disciplined. This time.com article rightly says that self-disciplined people are healthier and happier compared to those who … Read more