How to Change the Language of the YouTube Kids App?

Hello friends, today we will learn how to change the language of youtube kids app and solve the questions related to “youtube kids language change“. I assure you that after reading this blog you will understand about the language change setting in YouTube Kids. So let’s first take what is YouTube Kids. YouTube Kids is … Read more

How to Bring Back YouTube Dislikes?

Bring Back YouTube Dislikes YouTube recently hid the number of dislikes for YouTube videos. In a blog post from November, YouTube announced that this was done “to help better protect our creators from harassment and reduce unwanted attacks.” The dislike button hasn’t disappeared, but the dislike count has been made private so that only video … Read more

Best Hosting For WordPress : Convesio [Review]

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio WordPress makes it easy even for an amateur to own a website without coding. The software is sophisticated, with unlimited features for an individual and a community. Features on WordPress include marketplaces, plug-ins, themes, templates, and other website creating tools. For a WordPress website to be up and running, it needs … Read more

How to drive traffic from Pinterest to your website?

Pinterest is the fastest growing social networking website these days and although it is primarily used for hosting image collages, surprisingly websites are getting more traffic from Pinterest than Facebook, and in many cases, even Google. Every new medium takes some time to understand. You need to know the nuances of its users and post … Read more

How to stop certain people from accessing your Wi-Fi broadband connection

Once you have a Wi-Fi broadband connection set up inside your home it becomes available to everybody provided they have your username (or SSID) and authentication key. People can hook on to your Wi-Fi connection from a laptop, smartphone or a tablet. If you cannot manually control the connections, even people in your neighborhood can … Read more