How Not to Kill Yourself and Make the World a Better Place

This article is specially written for those who ask how to kill yourself painless or how to easily kill yourself. Please stop asking this question and read this article once. Suicide is the act of deliberately ending one’s own life. It is often caused by mental illness, such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and personality … Read more

Ways to Earn Money – Reasons to Consider Earning Money Online

Are you thinking of increasing your earnings? Perhaps you are not getting paid well in your current employment. That’s why additional funds are needed to meet their financial obligations. Or perhaps you have recently been fired and are looking for work. Or perhaps you want to supplement your current income with some more passive money. … Read more

How to Bring Back YouTube Dislikes?

Bring Back YouTube Dislikes YouTube recently hid the number of dislikes for YouTube videos. In a blog post from November, YouTube announced that this was done “to help better protect our creators from harassment and reduce unwanted attacks.” The dislike button hasn’t disappeared, but the dislike count has been made private so that only video … Read more

What is Introversion? How to use introversion as a strength

Introversion is normally thought of as a negative behavioral attribute. It is a general perception that introvert people find it very hard to strike up conversations, express themselves, and move ahead in life. But just as any disadvantage can be used to your advantage, you can also use your introversion as a strength, according to … Read more

Best Hosting For WordPress : Convesio [Review]

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio WordPress makes it easy even for an amateur to own a website without coding. The software is sophisticated, with unlimited features for an individual and a community. Features on WordPress include marketplaces, plug-ins, themes, templates, and other website creating tools. For a WordPress website to be up and running, it needs … Read more